Journal of Medicine and Health Research

Journal of Medicine and Health Research, ISSN No. : 2456-9178, Vol.: 2, Issue.: 1

Original Research Article




1Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Ukraine.

2Odessa Medical Institute of International Humanitarian University, Ukraine.


Aim: The aim of the study was to determine the multifunctional criteria of athletes’ health.

Materials and Methods: 58 males aged 20.6±0.9, engaged in various sports, were surveyed. A medical examination took place in the morning hours, fasting and included measurement of parameters of physical development, registration of performance of the cardio respiratory system using Spiroarteriocardiorhythmograph (SACR) and Martinet functional tests. A nonparametric statistical method of determining the likelihood criterion by Mann-Whitney was used for the analysis of intergroup differences.

Results and Discussion: The analysis of multifunctional parameters of athletes from the first (EG1) with “high” (n=39) and from the second examined group (EG2) with “low” health levels (n=19) was carried out according to Apanasenko system. It revealed that the rate of total power (TP, ms2) of heart rate variability (HRV) spectrum, indicating the overall adaptive capacity in the regulation of heart is credibly higher in EG1 than in EG2 (p<0.05). There have been credible differences (p<0.05) in the ТРDBP (total power of diastolic blood pressure) rate in EG1 compared to EG2, which characterize random breath economization, despite the fact that in terms of tidal volume (TV) (l), respiratory rate (RR) (1/min) and respiratory minute volume (RMV) (l/min) no credible differences between the groups were observed. Credibly different (p<0.05) is also an indicator of cardiac output (CO, l), revealing a more economical functioning of the cardiovascular system in people with a high level of health. The analysis of cardiointervals complex (PQRST) showed that the typical criteria of a high level of health is significantly lower values ​​of QR (s), QRS (s) and QTs (s) and their increase may indicate a deterioration of health.

Conclusion: The results allowed to characterize and supplement data about the health of athletes that can be used as criteria for determining health level at screening examination.

Keywords :

Health; heart rate variability; systolic and diastolic blood pressure variability; breathing pattern; variability of random breath; athletes.