Journal of Case Reports in Medical Science

Journal of Case Reports in Medical Science, ISSN No. : 2456-9143, Vol.: 3, Issue.: 2

Case Report




1Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Ul. Mikołowska 72a 40-065 Katowice, Poland.


Aims: Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) is a procedure consisting in the use of oxygen, air or a mixture of oxygen and air at a pressure exceeding 1 atmosphere (1ATA) to increase the amount of oxygen in blood serum. There is little available data on influence of HBO on neurocognitive functioning of human. The aim of this study is to present the positive effect of a short course HBO exposure on simple reaction time of adult participant and to discuss the case in the light of potential usefullness of HBO therapy for improving the neurocognitive functioning of human.

Presentation of Case: A 44 years-old lefthanded woman underwent the HBO therapy contained 15 daily sessions a 1.5 hours each at 2.5 ATA. Simple reaction time of participant was measured 7 days before HBO, 7 days after HBO and 21 days after the last HBO session.

After therapy the reaction time visibly improved, 3 weeks after the last HBO session slightly decreased but still exceeded the output level.

Discussion: HBO leads to more available oxygen to the brain therefore it is highly possible that it results with increase of cognitive processing of human or that it helps such increase when combined with pharmacotherapy.

Conclusion: Results suggest positive but transient effect of HBO therapy on human reaction time and should receive consideration for broader studies on effectiveness of HBO as a procedure with potential significant and measurable benefits as a complementary therapy in medicine for improving neurocognitive functioning of human.

Keywords :

Hyperbaric oxygenation; reaction time; complementary therapy; neurocognitive functioning; case report