Journal of Basic and Applied Research International

Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, ISSN No. : 2395-3438 (Print), 2395-3446 (Online), Vol.: 23, Issue.: 2

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1Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Lagos, Nigeria.


The subterranean trading ventures have not only existed but continue to grow in housing zones of many developing countries. This paper examines the issues relating to the preponderance of the sector in the housing zones of Lagos metropolis. The research adopts survey research design. Data were obtained through personal observation and administration of structured and semi-structured questionnaires. Sampling was done using multi-stage sampling and disproportionate sampling techniques. One thousand, three hundred and forty five questionnaires were administered on casual economic venture entrepreneurs in fifty two administrative wards across the sixteen local government areas that made up the Lagos metropolis. Nine hundred ad seventy three making up 73.9% of administered questionnaires were retrieved and found adequate and acceptable for analysis. Data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistical tools for the interpretations and discussions of results. The result from the use of Logistic regression analysis  on factors responsible for the preponderance of informal commercial activities shows beta value associated with provision of quick service as positive (p = 0.000) among others. This suggests the probability of increasing informal commercial activities and the 13.463 Wald value, implies greatest contribution to the variability of subterranean trading ventures. This implies a strong will to provide quick service in the neighborhood heightens the probability of preponderance of subterranean trading ventures by a factor of 1.884. The paper realized the existence of subterranean trading venture in housing zone is in line with the current trend in planning and concludes with recommendation that housing zones should be redesigned to reflect this new trend.

Keywords :

Subterranean trading; preponderance; housing zone; developing; world; determinant.