Journal of Global Research in Education and Social Science

Journal of Global Research in Education and Social Science, ISSN No. : 2454-1834, Vol.: 11, Issue.: 1

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1Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, Faculty of Education, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria.


Introduction: Human security is people-centred and focuses on the individuals` protection. Thereby, it entails the well-being of individuals and response to ordinary people's needs in dealing with sources of threats, although, peace is not the absence of conflicts but the ability to cope with it. Peace Education and Human Security might promote Social Wellbeing.

Objective: This study was carried out to examine the correlative influence of peace education and human security on the social wellbeing of people in Ijebu North Local Government Area of Ogun State Nigeria.

Methodology: A descriptive survey research design utilizing a self-structured Likert type questionnaire titled Peace, Human Security and Social Wellbeing Questionnaire (PHSSQ) with a reliability index of 0.87.  A stratified random sampling technique was used to group the research location into five groups while four hundred respondents were selected randomly from each group to make two thousand (2000) respondents used for the study. The data obtained were analyzed using the inferential statistics of multiple regressions at 0.05 alpha level.

Results: The study revealed that peace education and human security have significant influence on the social wellbeing of people in Ijebu North Local Government Area.

Recommendations: It was recommended amongst others that: Government should ensure constant public enlightenment on media, focusing on conflict resolution and human security, peace education should be given privilege to stand as core in lower education levels, peace clubs or associations should be established in schools, community based peace programme should always be floated at grassroot level to foster positive behavioural change among citizen.

Keywords :

Peace; peace education; Human Security and Social Wellbeing.