Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research

Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research, ISSN No. : 2454-2504, Vol.: 10, Issue.: 3

Original Research Article




1Department of Business Studies, Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University, Stand Number 1901, Barassie Rd, Off Shamva Rd, P.O.Box 350, Bindura, Zimbabwe.

2Commercials Department, Ezekiel Guti Community College, P.O.Box Sk 8, Seke, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

3Midlands State University (MSU), Senga, Gweru, Zimbabwe.

4Faculty of Commerce, Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), Harare/Chitungwiza Regional Campus, Harare, Zimbabwe.


The research sought to fulfil objectives such as the influence of digitalisation on perceived quality, influence of change in television content on brand likeability and the influence of change in programming on repeat business. In carrying out the research, the researchers used descriptive and exploratory research design, primary sources of data were used. A structured approach to inquiry was adopted since this was a quantitative research. A target population of 151 was used and a sample size of 114 was employed. Simple random sampling and convenience sampling were used to select the respondents as well as allowing flexibility on the part of the researcher to use readily available participants. The authors’ measurement of the constructs, were drew on well-established scales used in the literature and adapted them to our research context. STATA 13 was used to analyse data and presentations were done in the form of tables and bar-graphs. From the findings it was noted that digitalisation has a positive influence on perceived quality as indicated by the R-squared of 0.6877 thus 69% of perceived quality is explained by digitalisation. A positive correlation exists between the two variables. From the run tests it was also noted that change in television content had a strong influence on brand likeability as it explained 73% of brand likeability. Moreso, change in television programming has a positive relationship with repeat business and a strong positive correlation existed between the two variables. From the research findings, the researcher recommends the organization to direct marketing efforts on things that are strongly valued by the viewer and customers, to invest in modern equipment such as drone cameras and lastly to keep on creating brand awareness through live broadcasts and getting feedback from viewers and customers.

Keywords :

Rebranding strategy; brand preference.