Journal of Advances in Food Science & Technology

Author Guideline

Journal of Advances in Food Science & Technology (ISSN: 2454-4213) aims to publish high quality papers in all areas of ‘Food Science & Technology’. This journal considers following types of papers (Link).

Scope of this journal includes (but not limited to): Food technology; Consumer understanding of nutrition and food safety; Food reformulation; Integrated benefit-risk (risk-benefit) assessment; Health claims; Functional foods; Food supplements; Food fortification; Food toxicants; food pathogens; food contaminants and their effects on nutrition; Microbial food safety; mycotoxins; Toxicological risk assessment; Safety evaluation of novel foods and biotechnologically derived products and inter-relationships between nutrition and toxicology; Food consumption data; Dietary intake; Dietary exposure assessment; Nutritional status; Dietary patterns; Clinical studies that report scientific mechanisms, effects, biomarkers, and safety of dietary interventions; epidemiological studies relevant to nutrition, and innovative investigations (including the use of biomarkers) of nutritional questions that employ established, traditional approaches as well as epigenetic, nutrigenomic, metabolomic and proteomic approaches; public health issues related to nutrition around the world; Food policy related codes of practice; legislation and international harmonization; Consumer issues; Education, training and research needs, burden of food-related diseases, basic clinical and applied research on different aspects of diet-related diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and related disorders involving biochemistry, physiology, genetics and nutrition as well as other molecular, metabolic, psychological and epidemiological related disorders; hidden hunger, micronutrient fortification, approaches to overcome quantitative and qualitative nutritional insufficiencies, public-private partnerships; intervention strategies, etc.


The journal also encourages the submission of useful reports of negative results.


Detailed Author Guideline is available here.



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